First Undead War


Kingdom of Faline
Alhoon + Undead Army


Junes 1000 – Janreale 1001


Faline was at peace since its inception ~200 years ago, until The Alhoon appeared from the Underdark and brought with him an army of undead 10,000 strong, half the population of the whole nation. Faline’s army was vastly outnumbered, at barely a tenth of the undead horde. As a result, the King and Queen requested aid from the Dwarves and Elves. Thanks to the healthy relationship that developed over the years, they offered troops, expertise, and supplies.

Despite the assistance they gave, they proved no match for the resilience of the undead; the more who fell to them, the larger their ranks grew. As the last order to be given by the King and Queen before their assasination by Mana Hinengaro, they sent in an elite band of heroes to infiltrate The Alhoon’s tower. The war ended when the party successfully killed the lich, as all the animated dead collapsed, but at the cost of their own lives.


  • 15% of Faline’s population perished in the war
  • Farmland unfertile for the next decade
  • Lucidia Carteret only surviving member of the royal family
  • Relations with the Dwarves and Elves soured since they invested too many resources in the war
  • Statues erected in Jelsina to commemorate the heroes who gave their lives for Halla

First Undead War

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