Log 4.33
Keep Krew

The adventurer’s decided to split up, with Yab and Cole travelling to the Meden Keep, and the rest of the party staying in Jelsina. Yab and Cole recruited some drunkards and began their journey. When they arrived, they found that the keep was in total disrepair, and infested with bandits.

The duo tried to sneak up on the castle, but Cole was spotted. He manged to bluff his way past the guards, and was recruited by the bandit chief. Cole climbed up on the battlements, and attempted to push the bandits off the edge, but his strength failed him, and combat ensued.

After dealing with the bandits, the last one decided to surrender, and showed the heroes to where the villagers of Meden were being held prisoner. Cole dispatched the final bandit and released the two dozen villagers held inside. They agreed to helping the heroes rebuild Meden and it’s castle.

Cole found a Drow Longbow

Log 4
Sewer Rescue

Saved da spymaster

Log 3
Queen Assassination Prevention

Saved da queen.

Log 1
The Adventure Begins!

In the peaceful town of Ara, seemingly untouched by the plague that has ravaged Lorendus, is where our heroes met. Aextire Eblech, Cole Truman, Himo Galanodel, and Kovys Norixius were all here for their own reasons, some with more noble intentions than others.

In the afternoon, disaster struck, when the living dead began to rise up from the town graveyard. A panic-stricken woman ran up towards Kovys, and begged the paladin to destroy the foul beasts. She rallied all able-bodies to her, and alerted the townsfolk that they must take shelter immediately. The rest of the heroes answered her call, and the purification of the town began.

The undead didn’t prove too much of a problem, with the combined talents of Cole’s undead specialization, Aextire’s firebolts, Himo’s sacred flames, and Kovys’ brute strength.

When the danger subsided, the mayor thanked the heroes immensely, giving them gold and free beds at the inn. The mayor told the party that they must go to the Queen and tell her that the wards placed on the town are failing, and that the undead are rising within the barriers.

After some slight confrontation, the party decided it would be best to stay the night, and continue the journey in the morning.

The party set off, but were ambushed by In the woods between Ara and Meden. 5 bandits emerged from the woods, and attempted to rob the party. It was but a trifle to our heroes, as they continued on and found the bandit camp.


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